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RVS Master Injector Cleaner

RVS Master Injector Cleaner
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RVS Master™ Injector Cleaner is specifically formulated for the treatment of fuel pumps & injectors of Gasoline engines. It is added directly to the fuel tank and treats your fuel delivery system as you dri sp;

In addition to cleaning out your dirty injectors from gunk build-up and improving atomization of the fuel mixture, RVS also creates a durable nano-ceramic layer on all metal moving parts that are under friction. The result is an extended life of your Fuel Pump and Injectors.

To ensure optimal operation of your fuel delivery system, treat it with RVS Master™ Injector Cleaner once every 40,000km / 25,000 miles.

Note: this product is intended for use in Petrol/Gasoline Engines only. For Diesel engines, use our RVS Master™ Diesel Injection Pump Treatment below.

Main Effects:

  • Fuel economy 5-15%
  • CO/HC emission decrease 50-70%
  • Engine power is restored

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