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RVS Master Chain Saw

RVS Master Chain Saw
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Product Code: Chain Saw
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Our Engineers have designed this product specifically for the treatment of 2-stroke Chainsaws. This "2 in 1" product is used for both the treatment of Chainsaw Engines up to 65cc's in size and for restoration of the chain's teeth and lnbsp;

The RVS treatment creates a durable Nano-Ceramic layer on the surface of all metal parts that are under friction inside the chainsaw's engine. Cylinder walls are restored and compression levels return to factory-spec. As a result, the chainsaw runs smoother, starts easier and lasts much longer. When applied to the chain, the ceramic layer makes it stronger, doubles its service life, reduces sagging, and increases the efficiency and speed of the chainsaw.

A single RVS Master™ Chainsaw Treatment is enough to treat one chainsaw engine + chain, or two chains.

Main effects:

  • Increased service life of the saw blade in two times
  • Increased efficiency and speed of saw

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