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RVS Master Motor Flush

RVS Master Motor Flush
Brand: RVS Master
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RVS Master™ Motor Flush is a revolutionary new product that flushes and cleans internal combustion engines during normal driving. The special formula includes RVS nano-ceramic particles which perform a deep cleansing of your engine's metal moving parts, and maintain the surfaces of cylinder walls, crankshaft bearings, camshafts and valves intact.

Master™ Motor Flush works great when used between RVS engine treatments in order to keep your engine clean and running optimally. It is also advisable to use our Motor Flush before applying RVS Master™ Engine Treatments in cases when you have applied other additives to your motor oil - these additives usually contain Teflon and Molybdenum particles which can interfere with the RVS reaction.

Our Motor Flush does not contain any chemical solvents and does not damage gaskets and seals.

Main effects:

  • Engine internal parts are cleaned.

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