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When RVS will not work

RVS Master guarantees that our products will have a positive effect on your equipment.

Unfortunately, in some cases we cannot guarantee the desired effect.

Please familiarize yourself with the list of cases when RVS products might not work, before you buy.

1. If compression rings or scraper seal rings are heavily worn.
2. If scraper seal rings lie inside the piston.
3. If scraper seal rings and expander are clogged with oil or carbon disintegration products.
4. If compression rings or scraper seal rings are clogged with sand or dust due to tardy changed air filter.
5. If there are clogging, corrosion and heavy wear of details and when due to the change of configuration there is no contact between details.
6. If oil filter is clogged with wear products, carbon and oil destruction and is not able to let through fine-dispersed parts (up to 10 micron).
7. If overheating of engine occurred before the treatment.
8. If, as a result of wear or overheating, spacing and details size were changed and changes occurred in symmetry units.
9. If there are details breaks and large splits.
10. If oil pump and oil channels are clogged and impede normal oil passing.
11. If incorrect product category is used.
12. If right after RVS-Master treatment mechanism is not operating for a long time.
13. If low-grade fuel that contains excess impurities is used.
14. If application instruction is not observed and manufacturer's recommendations are not taken onto account.
15. If detail service wear exceeds 70%.